Location of Cloncannon BioFarm – County Tipperary

Location of Cloncannon Biofarm

Cloncannon Biofarm is nestled in the shadow of the Devils’ Bit mountain in North Tipperary. Our Biofarm is 45 minutes from both Limerick and Shannon Airport. The address is Cloncannon, Moneygall, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, E53 AE27.


It is 20 minutes from Nenagh on the Main Limerick- Dublin Road (M7). When At junction 23, take the R445 exit to Moneygall/Cloghjordan. In the famed village of Moneygall (President Obamas’ ancestral home), find the Obama Cafe and the side street adjacent leads to Cloncannon Biofarm just 6km. The Mobile Phone contact details = 087 9227957.

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The 4 ‘C’s at Cloncannon Biofarm County Tipperary

To sum up what the visitors experience can be all about at Cloncannon Biofarm, we use the 4 ‘C’s – as depicted in the featured image – Change, Connections, Community and Culture.

Change at Cloncannon Biofarm

On the farm there is so much evidence of ‘Change’ over time. Landscape ‘Change’ since the Ice Age and from the time of the occupation of the Ringfort to the time of people residing in the Old Stone Cottage to the modern day Eco-lodge. Of course farming methods and community co-operation has all changed and the Old Stone Creamery stands waiting for time to change back. In Nature and in the garden nothing stays the same. Every moment sees growth, movement, interaction and decay as the daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal motions continue. The host farmer is also changing with his new experiences/knowledge and engagements with new peoples. At Cloncannon Biofarm we also strive to bring about ‘Change’. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge of growing food while working in harmony with Nature and trying to instil in other a connection with and respect for the Natural world which sustains us.

Making Connections

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Yes the second ‘C’ is all about making Connections. This can be with the lifestyle of the peoples gone before us. We try to imagine life in the Ringfort and the Old Stone Dwelling, the customs/beliefs/ traditions and culture of our ancestors. We also do our best to help those wishing to make genealogical connections and direct them to the local heritage/genealogy centres. Education forms a big part of our connecting people to Nature in fun outdoor activities and lifelong learning initiatives, where the wonder, awe, beauty and interconnectedness of Nature is experienced. The connections formed with individuals and the Natural world can progress their connections with their deeper selves.

Embracing Community in Tipperary

You may have heard the saying that ‘No man is an island’, well for the visitor to Cloncannon Biofarm we strive to engage people with the local ‘Community’. Community has been very important to the development of this Eco enterprise and we give back to the local community through sharing of organic farm produce and working together.

Experience Irish Culture

Tipperary and Cloncannon Biofarm provides a rich and diverse ‘Cultural’ experience for our international visitors and those from other parts of Ireland. Our goal is to share the treasures of Cloncannon Biofarm, its rich wholesome food, its beautiful landscape, natural diversity, amazing heritage features and to immerse the visitors in experiencing our culture in local villages and towns.


We look forward to welcoming you to peruse our website and hopefully to visit us at some point in the future. Please use the Calendar to check availability and feel free to contact me (Sean – Irish for John) via email for more information. We would also be delighted to engage with you on our Facebook page.


Sean O’Farrell

Qualified Environmental Scientist and Eco Advocate

Organic farming and soil fertility

Composting is critical for soil fertility

The organic farmer has to be thinking about how to built soil fertility, soil structure and soil life or its’ web of life. The plants in your garden need more than just Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash, it needs other major elements such as calcium, magnesium, sulphur, and up to 64 different trace elements. Well matured compost which is teeming with microorganisms can transform nutrients and search for others by using a network of tread like hypha.
I came across this well illustrated video on composting.


Digging away

Oh! the pleasure of digging and counting the many beautiful potatoes under each potato stalk. I decided to get digging in the last few days as I noticed some evidence of blight. The varieties I used were said to have a good resistance to blight. Thankfully this mighty crop has been grown without any trace whatsoever of chemical sprays. I will enjoy putting my table fork into this wholesome food. I spare a thought for the many generations of potato growers gone before me on this farm. Those who resided in the beautiful old stone dwelling which is dated to about the 1850s. Thoughts of those times and potato harvests are a bit scary. The Old Stone Creamery and the Ringfort are other beautiful examples of Farmland Heritage to be explored by the visitor to Cloncannon Biofarm. Tours are available for Booking.
Old stone dwelling