Primary School Programmes

Primary Science has its roots in Nature Study and Environmental Studies and builds on children’s interest and curiosity of the physical and biological world.It is crucial to their cognitive development.

At Cloncannon Biofarm we use our Three Leafed Emblem the White Clover to make as many links as possible to the Primary Schools SESE and SPHE Curriculum. This means we engage the students in activities relating to creating healthy soils (Composting/waste reduction/reuse and recycling), healthy plants (crop rotations, soil minerals and microbes) healthy animals and healthy humans (we explain – fresh,local organic nutrient rich food, exercise, and recreation in Nature).

The second leaf of our Logo relates to ‘Nature’. The teachers can pick from a menu of fun learning activities, for example, Native Tree Trail; Hedgerow Food Chains and Food Web; Pond Dipping and Mini beast studies; Wildlife Gardening; the landscape and geography around us explained; Seed dispersal and survival strategies. These activities will involve students exploring, investigating and constructing their own understanding of the natural world.

Primary School ProgrammeWe use the beautiful built heritage features on the farm, they are, the Old Ring Fort, the Old Creamery and the 1850s Old Stone Dwelling to explain the third part of our emblem, which relates to ‘the Future’. This encourages the pupils to visualise the past, its peoples, lifestyles and traditions. They come to appreciate ‘Change’ and stimulated to analyze our current needs and wants and how they fit in with global equality and care of the earth for ‘the Future’.

These on farm activities make solid links to the school curriculum, for example, the students develop knowledge and skills relating to ‘Living Things‘ and ‘Environmental Awareness and Care’ in the Science Curriculum. They come to understand the physical landscape around them and a sense of place, and change, which links to ‘Human Environments‘ in the Geography curriculum. Through exploring the farmland built heritage and the farm wildlife connections to human needs, they can acquire, open, critical and responsible attitudes, which links with ‘Myself and the Wider World‘ in SPHE.

Primary School Programme

We can liaise with the different teachers to satisfy the schools’ needs and determine the duration of the visit. The above itinerary runs from 10am to 12.30 and the fee per student is 6 euro. Worksheets are provided and on farm dialogue on issues relating to food, health, nature and care of the earth are key to a successful outing.

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