Leaving Certificate Programmes


Secondary Schools – Senior Cycle

Fifth Year and Leaving Cert Classes

Agricultural Science and Biology


Students in the Senior Cycle enjoy a focused educational visit to Cloncannon BioFarm. We offer activities and discussions closely linked to the curriculum of both Agricultural Science and Biology. Topics covered include:

  • Cattle breeds and Body Score Conditioning
  • Other animals relevant to agriculture and classification into their Phyla
  • Animal nutrition and grassland management
  • Soil – formation,types, composition, structure, texture,(experiments) CEC, edaphic factors – pH and temperature
  • Identification of grassland plants using keys
  • Investigation of a grassland habitat using quadrats and line transects
  • Investigation of hedgerow invertebrates using tray beating, pooters, pitfall traps and a Tullgren Funnel
  • Flower structure, function and Plant Families
  • An investigation of a freshwater habitat. Identifying freshwater invertebrates using keys
  • Measuring a variety of abiotic factors such as wind speed, humidity, aspect, temperature, light intensity
  • Habitat Mapping
  • Organic Farming.
  • Crop rotation,  pests and Phyla.

We can tailor a school visit to suit the needs of your class. Just phone or drop us an email and get in touch.

Cost: €10 per student 

Contact Details:


Sean O’Farrell, Organic Farmer/Msc Biodiversity and Conservation (TCD.2008) 

Phone: 087 9227957  


Caroline Hurley, Ecologist



Farm Address:

Cloncannon Biofarm



Co. Tipperary