TY Programme

Secondary Schools – Junior Cycle and Transition Years.
Animals, Plants and Micro-organisms.

Visiting Junior Certificate students are introduced to the physical landscape features to be observed by eye and the story behind that picture. The concept of stewardship is explained in this brief ‘Geography’ module. After a brief outline of the Organic food production system on the farm, we focus on Nature’s systems, cycles and interdependence.

Students are encouraged to use their senses and observe the beauty and awe of this dynamic interdependent system. We then investigate a chosen habitat, its features, inhabitants, their strategies for survival and explore food chains and food webs. We use magnification aids to enhance the appreciation of the beauty and complexity of the creatures. We record our numbers and types of specimens found and comment on possible reasons for scarcity or density. The students will gain knowledge, understanding and skills relating to using keys for identification of plants/animals or invertebrates.

We walk a short distance to a meadow to investigate plant characteristics. We contrast survival strategies with those of animals and explain food production (photosynthesis), transport, and plant reproduction.
The final session deals with threats to the environment and provokes responses/solutions from the students.
This programme runs for 2 + 1/2hours and costs 10 euro per student.

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