Outdoor Adventure

Nature has certainly been our ‘Best Friend’ over the past while. We have been noticing, connecting, relaxing and finding imporoved wellbeing when out in Nature. More and more people are putting greater emphasis on connecting with Nature and also on consuming nutrient rich organic food.
Nature busrts into new life all across Ireland in Springtime and creates a wonderful playground for summertime adventures. Cloncannon Biofarm has a fantastic mix of habitat for Nature to thrive in and for visitors to explore.What better way to really connect than with hands-on activities in hedgerows, woodlands, ponds and also in a fine ringfort.

You will learn about local history stories, treasure, archaeology and famous people. Stories create memories, give us a connection and usually a message of learning.

Fun learning and outdoor adventure all form part of the experience at Cloncannon Biofarm whether you are enjoying the donkeys, the pigs, the goats, the geese, a garden or nature tours.