Discovery Primary Science Centre

Discovery Primary Science and Maths originated in 2003 with the aim of introducing primary school students to science in a practical, hands-on, enjoyable and interactive way. We at Cloncannon Biofarm are delighted to receive accreditation as a Discovery Primary Science Centre in July 2015. We are committed to putting every ounce of effort and resources […]

The Unfurling Beauty

If I could only have the patience of plants. They wait patiently for the soil temperature to reach the desired level, as a result of the sun rising higher in the sky to set a new energy production system into motion. These miniature factories provide the food/energy source for all other creatures. That includes the […]

Working together for Nature

It is actually very satisfying to see the work of other farmers across Europe that have a similar mission to ours at Cloncannon Biofarm. It is well recognised that organic farmers are and need to be in tune with their surroundings and its creatures. We as organic farmers have no easier options, we must learn […]

Stimulating Childrens curiosity

Enjoy the health benefits of the local fresh organic produce of Nature. Let your kids experience the wholesome taste of the earths’ harvest and consume the nutrient/mineral rich goodness. Allow them to connect, use their senses, explore, investigate, analyse and appreciate the wonder and awe of Natures strategies and systems. Kids in Time and Place […]

The 4 ‘C’s at Cloncannon Biofarm County Tipperary

To sum up what the visitors experience can be all about at Cloncannon Biofarm, we use the 4 ‘C’s – as depicted in the featured image – Change, Connections, Community and Culture. Change at Cloncannon Biofarm On the farm there is so much evidence of ‘Change’ over time. Landscape ‘Change’ since the Ice Age and […]