About Cloncannon Biofarm

Welcome to Cloncannon Biofarm

Cloncannon Biofarm is located on the beautiful western slopes of the Devils’ Bit mountains in Tipperary. We are firmly committed to the principles of organic food production and we strive to enhance the natural habitats on the farm. We keep bees, organic free range chickens, organic beef, vegetables and soft fruits. We share our knowledge and always welcome the suggestions and experiences of the visitors. Visits are by ‘appointment only’ and we specialise in catering for groups.

The address of the farm is Cloncannon, Moneygall, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, E53 AE27

Our Mission

Our mission is to engage visitors to the farm in activities that inform and stimulate their interest in healthy soil, animals, plants and society. Through hands – on participation the visitors can make a greater connection with the various wildlife habitats and species. They can explore the farmland built heritage features and also listen to the stories associated with each site.

The theme which forms the foundation to the different tours offered on the farm is ‘Care of the Earth’ and ‘Sustainable Living’. For Primary School groups we tailor the programmes to match the requirements outlined for the Science/Geography/History curriculum. The teacher can also pick from a menu of outdoor learning activities, such as, Pond Dipping; Native Tree Trail; Wildlife Gardening: Composting: Plant Identification; Soil Science; Food Webs; and more.

Educational Focus

Secondary school students can investigate habitat characteristics and species strategies for survival. They can engage in activities relating to their ecology studies such as plant and animal species identification, quadrant studies and percentage occupancy/cover. They can learn about ecosystem services, sustainable development/global issues and care of the earth.

Transition year students will be challenged to think critically about how humans use the earth resources. They will debate their own potential impacts and work in teams to formulate better solutions to be communicated to others.

All are Welcome

At Cloncannon Biofarm we very much enjoy working with groups from across various sectors of society. To-date these have included Active Retirement Groups, Macra na Feirme, Women in Farming, Farmer groups, Youth Development/Scouts, and Tidy Towns to mention just a few. The tours/activities which these groups were engaged in seems to have stimulated enthusiasm and a sense of connection to other people and the beautiful web of life that is around us everyday.

About Sean O’Farrell

I was born and raised in this beautiful valley to the west of the Devil’s Bit mountains. I was introduced to farming as soon as I could bring in the cows for milking. The valley has a wonderful mix of built and natural heritage features and these have always been a fascination for me. The story of the previous generations and their lifestyles and union with nature have helped to form my own personality. I gained knowledge of the natural world by exploring with good friends and from attending university in Dublin. My ambition is to share my knowledge and passion for working with Nature in Organic food production and to enhance the nature value of the sixty acre (23 hectare) farm for future generations.

I am also a committee member of Tipperary Green Business Network. See: tgbn.ie


A Unique Tourist Experience

Cloncannon Biofarm has a lot to offer the Eco-tourist. The beautiful landscape setting and the walks and cycleways of varied endurance levels can surely get the heart pumping with a sense of joy. The on-farm activities relating to eco-living, organic food production, wildlife and built heritage tours are engaging and yet very relaxing. We do all in our power to engage these visitors in the local community and in our cultural activities of music, song, stories and dance. We aim to satisfy their interest in the uniquely Irish game of hurling or camogie.

Connect with Cloncannon Biofarm

We hope you enjoy browsing our website, particularly reading my blog (we have posted our top 5 most popular posts at the top of our home page). We have also put together sample Itineraries for Visitors and groups. Group leaders can pay online and plan their visits by checking our Availability Calendar – see the sidebar.

Please connect with us on Social Media. We don’t spend a lot of money on marketing – hoping that by offering a superb experience that our customers will spread the word for us.

Best regards

Sean O’Farrell, Msc. Biodiversity and Conservation