Harvesting the super fuel

Fresh Organic Beetroot

First thing in the morning I ramble to the garden with my pocket knife and grab a fine specimen of beetroot, remove the leaves and peel as I go and relish the juicy chunks as I munch and walk to herd the animals. Wow! it is wonderful to let my taste buds sense the rewards of ‘Working with Nature’ in producing this rich food. It is the result of several years of building the soil structure, humus levels and the optimum habitat for the soil web of life that recycles, transforms and balances the minerals available to the plants. You the visitor to Cloncannon Biofarm can ‘Use your Senses’ to feel the texture of the soil, smell its’ richness, view the vibrant healthy colours and learn about the balancing of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of Nature in producing this Super Fuel. Book a tour and learn about Gardening with Nature.

I found the attached video clip which relates to growing healthy food very interesting and I decided to share it with you.

Enjoy. Comments welcome